February 7, 2011by admin

my Jordans

I’ve been collecting Jordans for so many years. The addiction started in 1986 when I was working in the stock room at Champs at Hilltop Mall in Richmond, California. Back then the lines were nuts. People would get jacked as they would leave the mall and our store was one of the few stores that got them. Champs installed a cage just to hold these Jordans and it kinda worked.

I stopped collecting Jordans after Jordan 23 came out. I have 1-23 missing out purposely on some. Some doubles, some triples. It’s sad to see all these mashups and poorly designed Jordans. I feel like the soul of Jordan isn’t in these designs. So sad. Every now and then I decide to sell them but never pull the trigger since I can sell off the many others that arent Jordans.

  • yup. i can relate, somewhat. my first pair or Js were the Vs in blk/silver and then the V Grapes in ’90/91. Except back then, i didnt collect. I used them to ball since i played in the NJB in San Jose. and the thing i can remember was that i could go to Foot Locker a month or 2 after they were released and FL would still have my size. which is probably one reason why i stopped collecting in ’03. i thought it was ridiculous that hypebeats and mama hypebeasts would camp out just for some general realeses. that’s what killed it for me.

    Kevin / 10:00 pm / Reply
  • Hold on to them man, the memories will always be better than money. Dude, from Toad’s house back in the day you guys always came through with the gear. Take a look at you now, you own and sell your own line of clothing. Good stuff, thanks for being an inspiration. Totally support what you do.

    Bryan Marcelino / 10:00 pm / Reply